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Who we are
Friends of Madurai Seed is an organisation founded in Zurich in August 2008 with the aim of supporting Madurai Seed, an NPO located in south India. The committee is made up both of people who know South India and Madurai Seed from personal experience and others who are passionately interested in daily life and problems there.

Friends of Madurai Seed has the goal of helping to provide essential financial support for Madurai Seed on a regular basis so that Madurai Seed can develop into at least a partially self-sustainable organisation in the longer term.

Who is Madurai Seed? Madurai Seed was founded in 1999 as an NPO for the advancement of socio-economically underprivileged children and young people. It works in Karumbalai, a very poor district in Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu in south India, and was officially registered as an NPO in February 2007. Its head is Karthik Bharathi, who himself grew up in Karumbalai and who knows the local conditions there as well as anyone can. With the help of Madurai Seed, some 300 children from the slum are currently being helped towards a better future.

The core of Madurai Seed’s daily work is to support the children and teenagers for two hours after school every evening with their homework, and to prepare them specifically for their annual school examinations. In order to do this successfully, it needs both premises and competent volunteers as teaching staff. For the latter it engages young students, themselves once pupils at Madurai Seed, who attend colleges in Madurai and who are wiling to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of children. You can find more information about Madurai Seed on its web site: and on Facebook at